Murder mystery

In Delhi, India 5 members family was staying Rakesh, his wife Anna and their 3 sons name raju(15 year old), Jack(13 year old) and nagu(25year old).
Rakesh was big drug dealer and he was also working working in company name Taj. His wife was teacher in vidya high school. Jack and raju was school boys and their elder brother nagu was commerce student who failed 2 times in 11 standard.
Rakesh use to go out daily in night time and returns back at late night,he never gives time to his wife and children’s but he loves them a lot. Most often Rakesh use to remove sole of his shoes and he was filling drugs in it and carry it along with him to supply.
All these work was done daily in secret room of his house in which he never allows anybody to enter.
One day at evening tea time Anna served hot tea for Jack, nagu and raju they were enjoying tea with biscuit.
While eating biscuit jack ask his mother that “ma why Papa never allowed us to enter in that room”.
Anna jokingly replied “your father kept tiger there and he don’t want you to be harmed by Tiger”. They all started laughing, good joke ma nagu said.
Nagu and Anna decided to ask Rakesh that why he never ever allowed them to enter in that room.
Evening around 6 pm.
“Ting tong Ting Tong” bell rang, raju opened the door. Rakesh was returned to home. As soon as Rakesh entered Jack and nagu came running toward him saying Papa Papa then Rakesh gave them chocolate which he use to get them daily.
Anna came with hot tea with biscuit for Rakesh, he started eating biscuit by deeping in tea. At the moment Jack started signaling to raju to ask his father regarding that room, then raju started asking “Papa what is there in that room? Why you never allowed us to enter in it?
Rakesh replied in scary voice” my boy I have my childhood memories with it, I am feeling happy and peaceful when I alone going and sitting there”.
Raju started forcing to enter in it but Rakesh shouted “hey you don’t even dare to enter there”. He felt sad and kept quite but Anna has doubt in her mind that her husband is definitely hiding something. So she started thinking what would it be.
Rakesh use to keep drugs in that room.
On Wednesday early in the morning jack drilled the door and made one small hole. As Rakesh entered in room at night jack followed him and he seen from the hole that his father was filling some powder in plastic bag and hiding it inside the watermelon.
As Rakesh came out of the room, Jack went running near him and asked him what was you hiding in watermelon, I saw it was white in Colour. Rakesh scolded him and told that it’s grinded sugar.
But Papa no need to hide it, Jack said. You just go and do your homework, Rakesh said angrily.

Happy day….
Rakesh brought 52 crore rupees diamond and showed it to his wife and children’s, they were in excitement and very happy. Anna surprised and asked Rakesh that “who gave you such an expensive gift? It is out of our fortune to buy it! Rakesh replied “I won it in lottery” and kept it in the locker and he locked it and password of the safe was unknown for Anna and their children’s.
Anna has doubt regarding that Dimond and the secret room.
4 days later……
Nagu came from college and was shocked by watching the scene that his dog was killed, broken door of his house, locker was broken and Dimond was stolen and his younger brother Jack was killed(murdered). Poor nagu started crying loudly and phoned Rakesh and Anna. They came home immediately and was surprised by looking at death body of Jack.
Rakesh immediately called police for case study. Police came and started enquiring but the case was so complicated that they called professional Detective named Rafel. Rafel started investigating and Jack body was taken for postmortem.
Rafel found that powerful laser and hydrochloric acid were used to destroy the locker. Rafel found no finger prints and he has no clue to solve the case and he was waiting for postmortem report to come.
Then he decided to send dog’s body for postmortem.

On next day early morning Rafel came with cigarette in his mouth. Come sir come; Rakesh said in polite voice. Did you fought with anyone? Did you had doubt on anyone? ; Rafel asked. Huh no sir ; Rakesh replied.
He wore his gloves, opened his suitcase and started investigating. He walked near murdered area with magnifying glass. He collected some samples of broken and burnt locker. He tried to find finger prints but he found nothing. Sir have you found anything? Anna. No; Rafel replied. But I’ll find evil soon. Rafel said in strong voice.
Postmortem report….
Friday day afternoon postmortem report came it was mentioned that Jack dead became on hitting rusted rod oh his back head. Dog were killed by poisoning the food.
Rafel lighted his cigarette and started investigating the case. He tried to find lot but he found no evidence. He finally went toward door which was broked by murderer. Rafel found some case solving evidence but he was not 100% sure with it. So he didn’t inform it to any of them. Rafel was confused and shocked by looking at door condition.
Rafel caught the Murderer…..
Rafel Was unable to find any strong evidence and he was only with one little clue that door was hitted by murderer not from outside but from inside the house. He found these by looking at the door’s “handle and hinges” which were banded and their broken points were facing away from the house. Rakesh then sure that the someone want to show that murderer came from out.
Rafel understood that someone from house only stolen the Dimond and killed Jack.
So he made one trick to find murderer. He brought one camera pen and burnt it from down side.
He slowly kept burnt camera pen inside the locker and he shouted Rakesh, Anna come here come here I caught him I caught him and told them that he found the murderer.
Tell me who killed my son, get him in front of me; Said Rakesh. Murderer is here in front of us; Rafel said. What? But here we family members only. One of family member only killed and stolen Dimond ; Rafel said. Anna said it’s not possible at all.
I got these Rafel said and showed them that camera pen. Now I’ll show you the face of robber and killer, Rafel said and moved toward laptop to plug in the camera pen. But before he connects, I am sorry I only killed my son Jack ; Anna screamed and said.
She said in her statement that: Jack seen her and Hardy robbing Dimond. That’s why she killed him. She wanted to run away with Hardy with whom her affairs was going on.

Written by :- AM

Fiction mystery.